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Radio Comms Asia-Pacific
(May-June 2013):
"Power to the People"

While Auria Wireless and its parent company Etherstack have been kicking goals overseas by winning contracts with major utility companies and emergency radio networks, a major breakthrough back home in the Australian market occurred in 2011 with the Ergon Energy P25 digital radio project contract win.

Ergon Energy is a Queensland government-owned electricity supplier covering 700,000 customers across more than 1 million m2. Its electricity distribution network comprises around 150,000 km of power lines with one million power poles. Ergon also has numerous major substations and power transformers, plus it operates 33 power stations that supply electricity to remote communities not connected to the main grid. It has approximately 5000 employees.

Auria worked fast. The company was awarded the contract in October 2011; the initial switching centre was deployed just seven months later in May 2012, with initial sites commissioned in June 2012. The first stage, with 20 sites fully commissioned, was achieved in December 2012.

From award to rolling out 20 sites within 14 months, and including delivery of a whole range of new services that no one else has done before anywhere else in the world, is something we're very proud of, said David Deacon, Executive Director of Auria Wireless.

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